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Where would you go if you had nothing and you knew no one?​

Having nothing and knowing no one is often just the beginning of the barriers our residents face. Often times there is a language barrier. Refugee claimants are dealing with numerous issues-trauma that was experienced in their home country and on their journey to Canada, and often living with the anguish of leaving family behind.

What we do

Adam House provides refugee claimants with clean and safe living accommodations. The staff at Adam House provide assistance and advice with immigration procedures, primarily to our residents and former residents. We provide referrals to legal services, medical assistance, and community resources. However, Adam House is much more than shelter or the services we provide. Adam House is home. A place where residents find friendship and support-from our staff and each other. Adam House is also a place where refugee claimants can find hope for their future, as we pray with them through their difficulties, and celebrate their successes. We encourage our clients to contact us for continued support, even after they find permanent homes and move into the community.

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